How to grαft α rose iпto αпother vαriety: the trick fiпαlly reveαled


How to grαft α rose iпto αпother vαriety: the trick fiпαlly reveαled

It seems ʟike a job for professionals, but in reality anyone can do it: here’s how to graft a rose, but with other varieties.

To graft a rose, everyone believes that there must be an expert nurseryman to do everything. In reality, it is a simple action following a few small tips. Grafting a rose is certainly not simple, but once you understand all the steps that need to be taken, it will be wonderful to see the flowers of other varieties born. A completely natural creation, without having to buy other types or waste time.

Grafting a rose: how to do it with other varieties

Grafting a rose from other varieties is not difficult, but it is necessary to follow all the basic operations. The results are not immediate, but the satisfaction is certainly worth considering. Grafting brings together two plants of different varieties, giving life to a one-of-a-kind plant.

First of all it is important to choose the rootstock , which is essential for carrying out the action. Experienced nurserymen recommend opting for a dog rose with a multiflora rose, especially if it is the first time.

The dog rose has robust roots and does not require much care, adapting to any type of soil. Not only that, in fact it is a perfect rootstock. Multiflora has shallow roots that are perfectly suited to this type of addition.

roses and gardening

To obtain the rootstock, the seeds of the two varieties are buried, or it is made from cuttings. How to do it, first of all, take the two branches with a length of about twenty centimeters in winter , then plant them during the summer and be able to have your own seedling.

Curiosities and advice

Before proceeding with the graft it is necessary to obtain the necessary tools, such as disinfected scissors and ligature materials. Not only that, the operation will only have to be carried out if the outside temperature is 25 degrees.

First of all, cut the cutting with the necessary tools, trying to make a perpendicular and not a clean cut. Before doing this it is a good idea to remove the leaves and thorns , to work even better. At this point attach the detached part to the rootstock. Once obtained, you can move on to tying with raffia or other light material, which will cover the cut made previously.

After a month you will be able to see the result by removing the raffia to check the status of the rooting.

graft a rose

It’s time to proceed with the most important operation . During the month of February the rootstock will be cut at the point of the graft itself. In spring you will see the first shoot and wait until it reaches fifteen centimeters. It will need to be trimmed and then the wild shoots around the structure will be eliminated.

Always ask a professional nurseryman for advice, precisely because not all roses are suitable for the operation.

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